B Francis Ii Saul, CEO & President

BFS 70,491.722 shares

The estimated Net Worth of B Francis Ii Saul is at least $1,758,063.55. B Francis Ii Saul owns over 70,491.722 units of Saul Centers, Inc. stock worth over $1,758,063.55.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
22nd September 2020BFS - Saul Centers, Inc.10,000Open or private purchase70,491.722$24.94$249,400.00$1,758,063.55
31st August 2020BFS - Saul Centers, Inc.250Bona fide gift60,491.722$28.02$7,005.00$1,694,978.05
3rd May 2019BFS - Saul Centers, Inc.200Grant/award etc.37,577.805$55.71$11,142.00$2,093,459.52
31st May 2019BFS - Saul Centers, Inc.750Open or private purchase38,327.805$53.77$40,327.50$2,060,886.07
22nd July 2019BFS - Saul Centers, Inc.7,620.63Other acquisition or disposition0$52.65$401,226.17$0.00
31st January 2020BFS - Saul Centers, Inc.28,848Grant/award etc.7,902,017$48.59$1,401,784.90$383,975,600.27
24th April 2020BFS - Saul Centers, Inc.200Grant/award etc.38,947.691$28.02$5,604.00$1,091,314.30
19th May 2020BFS - Saul Centers, Inc.500Open or private purchase50,085.001$29.60$14,802.00$1,482,716.37
18th May 2020BFS - Saul Centers, Inc.9,900Open or private purchase49,585.001$29.79$294,921.00$1,477,137.18
15th May 2020BFS - Saul Centers, Inc.100Open or private purchase39,047.691$26.75$2,675.00$1,044,525.73
26th May 2020BFS - Saul Centers, Inc.500Bona fide gift49,585.001$31.89$15,945.00$1,581,265.68
21st August 2020BFS - Saul Centers, Inc.5,049Open or private purchase60,741.722$27.74$140,059.26$1,684,975.37
20th August 2020BFS - Saul Centers, Inc.5,201Open or private purchase55,692.722$28.71$149,320.71$1,598,938.05
21st August 2020BFS - Saul Centers, Inc.5,050Open or private purchase127,097.229$27.74$140,087.00$3,525,677.13
20th August 2020BFS - Saul Centers, Inc.4,950Open or private purchase122,047.229$28.71$142,114.50$3,503,975.94