Martin J. Vanderploeg, President & CEO

WK 430,269 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Martin J. Vanderploeg is at least $44,278,982.79. Martin J. Vanderploeg owns over 430,269 units of Workiva, Inc. stock worth over $44,278,982.79.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
3rd February 2021WK - Workiva, Inc.7,337Payment by withholding430,269$102.91$755,050.67$44,278,982.79
21st December 2020WK - Workiva, Inc.4,997Open or private sale0$89.82$448,830.54$0.00
21st December 2020WK - Workiva, Inc.10,947Open or private sale4,997$89.24$976,910.28$445,932.28
21st December 2020WK - Workiva, Inc.4,343Open or private sale15,944$88.29$383,443.47$1,407,695.76
21st December 2020WK - Workiva, Inc.4,713Open or private sale20,287$87.27$411,303.51$1,770,446.49
23rd November 2020WK - Workiva, Inc.11,470Open or private sale25,000$74.03$849,124.10$1,850,750.00
23rd November 2020WK - Workiva, Inc.10,807Open or private sale36,470$73.50$794,314.50$2,680,545.00
23rd November 2020WK - Workiva, Inc.2,723Open or private sale47,277$72.36$197,036.28$3,420,963.72
21st October 2020WK - Workiva, Inc.3,552Open or private sale0$56.12$199,338.24$0.00
21st October 2020WK - Workiva, Inc.21,448Open or private sale3,552$55.11$1,181,999.28$195,750.72
27th February 2020WK - Workiva, Inc.14,014Bona fide gift25,000$0.00
27th February 2020WK - Workiva, Inc.14,014Bona fide gift345,952$0.00
21st September 2020WK - Workiva, Inc.10,931Open or private sale370,952$56.98$622,848.38$21,136,844.96
21st September 2020WK - Workiva, Inc.14,069Open or private sale381,883$56.30$792,084.70$21,500,012.90
10th January 2019WK - Workiva, Inc.25,000Open or private sale475,000$38.43$960,750.00$18,254,250.00
19th January 2019WK - Workiva, Inc.802Payment by withholding258,121$38.22$30,652.44$9,865,384.62
18th January 2019WK - Workiva, Inc.1,154Payment by withholding258,923$38.22$44,105.88$9,896,037.06
1st February 2019WK - Workiva, Inc.895Payment by withholding314,918$41.86$37,464.70$13,182,467.48
1st February 2019WK - Workiva, Inc.57,692Grant/award etc.315,813$41.86$2,414,987.12$13,219,932.18
11th February 2019WK - Workiva, Inc.3,492Open or private sale450,000$43.30$151,203.60$19,485,000.00
11th February 2019WK - Workiva, Inc.21,508Open or private sale453,492$42.81$920,757.48$19,413,992.52
11th March 2019WK - Workiva, Inc.18,023Open or private sale425,000$49.79$897,365.17$21,160,750.00
11th March 2019WK - Workiva, Inc.6,977Open or private sale443,023$48.99$341,803.23$21,703,696.77
10th April 2019WK - Workiva, Inc.200Open or private sale400,000$51.99$10,398.00$20,796,000.00
10th April 2019WK - Workiva, Inc.24,800Open or private sale400,200$51.61$1,279,928.00$20,654,322.00
10th May 2019WK - Workiva, Inc.12,937Open or private sale375,000$55.17$713,734.29$20,688,750.00
10th May 2019WK - Workiva, Inc.12,063Open or private sale387,937$53.99$651,281.37$20,944,718.63
10th June 2019WK - Workiva, Inc.4,600Open or private sale350,000$56.75$261,050.00$19,862,500.00
10th June 2019WK - Workiva, Inc.20,400Open or private sale354,600$56.02$1,142,808.00$19,864,692.00
10th July 2019WK - Workiva, Inc.25,000Open or private sale325,000$60.80$1,520,000.00$19,760,000.00
12th August 2019WK - Workiva, Inc.2,713Open or private sale300,000$62.75$170,240.75$18,825,000.00
12th August 2019WK - Workiva, Inc.22,287Open or private sale302,713$62.07$1,383,354.09$18,789,395.91
16th August 2019WK - Workiva, Inc.575,000Open or private sale0$56.25$32,343,750.00$0.00
16th August 2019WK - Workiva, Inc.275,000Exercise of derivative575,000$0.00
18th January 2020WK - Workiva, Inc.1,142Payment by withholding313,776$45.15$51,561.30$14,166,986.40
3rd February 2020WK - Workiva, Inc.6,128Payment by withholding359,966$46.16$282,868.48$16,616,030.56
3rd February 2020WK - Workiva, Inc.52,318Grant/award etc.366,094$46.16$2,414,998.88$16,898,899.04
1st September 2020WK - Workiva, Inc.35,986Conversion of derivative395,952$0.00