Jeff D. Trom, Executive VP & CTO

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The estimated Net Worth of Jeff D. Trom is at least $0.00. Jeff D. Trom owns over 0 units of Workiva, Inc. stock worth over $0.00.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
28th December 2020WK - Workiva, Inc.270Open or private sale0$93.37$25,209.90$0.00
28th December 2020WK - Workiva, Inc.5,078Open or private sale270$92.18$468,090.04$24,888.60
28th December 2020WK - Workiva, Inc.19,652Open or private sale5,348$91.52$1,798,551.04$489,448.96
25th November 2020WK - Workiva, Inc.4,351Open or private sale25,000$76.05$330,893.55$1,901,250.00
25th November 2020WK - Workiva, Inc.13,914Open or private sale29,351$75.49$1,050,367.86$2,215,706.99
25th November 2020WK - Workiva, Inc.6,735Open or private sale43,265$74.62$502,565.70$3,228,434.30
26th October 2020WK - Workiva, Inc.211Open or private sale0$56.38$11,896.18$0.00
26th October 2020WK - Workiva, Inc.2,683Open or private sale211$55.68$149,389.44$11,748.48
26th October 2020WK - Workiva, Inc.22,106Open or private sale2,894$54.66$1,208,313.96$158,186.04
25th September 2020WK - Workiva, Inc.9,931Open or private sale293,127$55.93$555,440.83$16,394,593.11
25th September 2020WK - Workiva, Inc.12,901Open or private sale303,058$55.21$712,264.21$16,731,832.18
25th September 2020WK - Workiva, Inc.2,168Open or private sale315,959$54.13$117,353.84$17,102,860.67
22nd January 2019WK - Workiva, Inc.17,900Open or private sale296,539$37.75$675,778.70$11,195,236.87
22nd January 2019WK - Workiva, Inc.2,100Open or private sale314,439$38.38$80,598.00$12,068,168.82
19th January 2019WK - Workiva, Inc.415Payment by withholding316,539$38.22$15,861.30$12,098,120.58
18th January 2019WK - Workiva, Inc.781Payment by withholding316,954$38.22$29,849.82$12,113,981.88
1st February 2019WK - Workiva, Inc.464Payment by withholding334,775$41.86$19,423.04$14,013,681.50
1st February 2019WK - Workiva, Inc.38,700Grant/award etc.335,239$41.86$1,619,982.00$14,033,104.54
20th February 2019WK - Workiva, Inc.908Open or private sale314,775$44.59$40,487.72$14,035,817.25
20th February 2019WK - Workiva, Inc.19,092Open or private sale315,683$44.14$842,720.88$13,934,247.62
20th March 2019WK - Workiva, Inc.6,972Open or private sale294,775$49.27$343,510.44$14,523,564.25
20th March 2019WK - Workiva, Inc.13,028Open or private sale301,747$48.68$634,203.04$14,689,043.96
22nd April 2019WK - Workiva, Inc.223Open or private sale274,775$50.01$11,151.61$13,740,728.38
22nd April 2019WK - Workiva, Inc.19,777Open or private sale274,998$49.75$983,878.06$13,680,765.50
20th May 2019WK - Workiva, Inc.1,130Open or private sale254,775$53.99$61,008.70$13,755,302.25
20th May 2019WK - Workiva, Inc.18,870Open or private sale255,905$53.34$1,006,525.80$13,649,972.70
20th June 2019WK - Workiva, Inc.807Open or private sale234,775$57.98$46,789.86$13,612,254.50
20th June 2019WK - Workiva, Inc.19,193Open or private sale235,582$57.90$1,111,274.70$13,640,197.80
22nd July 2019WK - Workiva, Inc.300Open or private sale354,775$58.59$17,577.00$20,786,267.25
22nd July 2019WK - Workiva, Inc.19,700Open or private sale355,075$57.69$1,136,493.00$20,484,276.75
16th August 2019WK - Workiva, Inc.120,000Open or private sale234,775$56.25$6,750,000.00$13,206,093.75
16th August 2019WK - Workiva, Inc.330,000Open or private sale0$56.25$18,562,500.00$0.00
16th August 2019WK - Workiva, Inc.330,000Exercise of derivative330,000$0.00
3rd December 2019WK - Workiva, Inc.25,000Conversion of derivative25,000$0.00
13th December 2019WK - Workiva, Inc.25,000Bona fide gift0$0.00
18th January 2020WK - Workiva, Inc.747Payment by withholding234,028$45.15$33,727.05$10,566,364.20
3rd February 2020WK - Workiva, Inc.996Payment by withholding268,127$46.16$45,975.36$12,376,742.32
3rd February 2020WK - Workiva, Inc.35,095Grant/award etc.269,123$46.16$1,619,985.20$12,422,717.68
1st September 2020WK - Workiva, Inc.50,000Conversion of derivative318,127$0.00