Nuveen Georgia Quality Municipalome FundNKG
Voya Global Equity Dividend And Premium Opportunity FundIGD
Northern Trust CorporationNTRS
Hamilton LaneorporatedHLNE
Virtus Investment PartnersVRTS
Wisdom Tree InvestmentsWETF
Cohen & SteersCNS
The Blackstone GroupBX
Black RockBLK
Altisource Asset Management CorporationAAMC
Ares Management CorporationARES
Concierge TechnologiesCNCG
State Street CorporationSTT
Safeguard ScientificsSFE
Voya International High Dividend Equityome FundIID
Jupai Holdings LimitedJP
Nuveen Municipalome FundNMI
Nuveen California Select Tax Freeome PortfolioNXC
Nuveen New York Select Tax Freeome PortfolioNXN
Nuveen Select Tax Freeome Portfolio 2NXQ
Pro Tek CapitalPRPM
Janus Henderson Group PlcJHG
Bright Sphere Investment GroupBSIG
Wells Fargo Advantage Multi Sectorome FundERC
Wells Fargo Advantage Utilities And Highome FundERH
Reaves Utilityome FundUTG
Clough Global Dividend Andome FundGLV
Liberty All Star Growth FundASG
Adams Diversified Equity FundADX
Dividend Andome FundDNI
Pioneer Municipal Highome TrustMHI
Gladstone Investment CorporationGAIN
Virtus Total Return FundZTR
Advent Convertible Andome FundAVK
Black Rock Capital Investment CorporationBKCC
John Hancock Hedged Equity &Ome FundHEQ
Nuveen Mortgage Andome FundJLS
Highome Securities FundPCF
Putnam Managed Municipalome TrustPMM
Equus Total ReturnEQS
Boulder Growth &Ome FundBIF
Sprott Focus TrustFUND
Main Stay Mac Kay Defined Term Municipal Opportunities FundMMD
Clough Global Opportunities FundGLO
Fiduciary/Claymore Energy Infrastructure FundFMO
Pimco Corporate &Ome Strategy FundPCN
Principal Real Estateome FundPGZ
Calamos Convertible And Highome FundCHY
Invesco Highome Trust IiVLT
Invesco Municipal TrustVKQ
Credit Suisse High Yield Bond FundDHY
Royce Value TrustRVT
Black Rock Debt Strategies FundDSU
Clear Bridge Mlp And Midstream FundCEM
Calamos Global Total Return FundCGO
Mfs Municipalome TrustMFM
Mfs Charterome TrustMCR
Aberdeenome Credit Strategies FundACP
Tekla World Healthcare FundTHW
Tekla Healthcare Opportunities FundTHQ
Black Rock Muni New York Intermediate Duration FundMNE
White Horse FinanceWHF
Triple Point Venture Growth BdcTPVG
Tortoise Energy Independence FundNDP
Stellus Capital Investment CorporationSCM
River North/Double Line Strategic Opportunity FundOPP
Pgim Global High Yield FundGHY
Pennant Park Investment CorporationPNNT
Nuveen Global Highome FundJGH
Nuveen Credit Strategiesome FundJQC
Morgan Stanley India Investment FundIIF
Mfs Highome Municipal TrustCXE
Invesco Highome 2023 Target Term FundIHIT
The Herzfeld Caribbean Basin FundCUBA
The Gabelli Global Small And Mid Cap Value TrustGGZ
Goldman Sachs Mlp And Energy Renaissance FundGER
Eaton Vance Tax Managed Global Buy Write Opportunities FundETW
Eaton Vance Tax Managed Buy Write Opportunities FundETV
Eaton Vance Tax Advantaged Bond And Option Strategies FundEXD
Eaton Vance Tax Advantaged Global Dividendome FundETG
Double Lineome Solutions FundDSL
Dtf Tax FreeomeDTF
Dnp Selectome FundDNP
Clear Bridge Mlp And Midstream Total Return FundCTR
Black Rock Energy And Resources TrustBGR
Black Rock Muni Holdings Quality Fund IiMUE
Black Rock Maryland Municipal Bond TrustBZM
Black Rock Corporate High Yield FundHYT
Allianz Gi Dividend Interest & Premium Strategy FundNFJ
Alliance Bernstein Global Highome FundAWF
Western Asset Investment Grade Defined Opportunity TrustIGI
Tortoise Power And Energy Infrastructure FundTPZ
Thl CreditTCRD
Source CapitalSOR
Pimc Oome Strategy Fund IiPFN
The New Germany FundGF
Barings Participation InvestorsMPV
John Hancock Preferredome Fund IiiHPS
John Hancock Investors TrustJHI
John Hancock Financial Opportunities FundBTO
The Gabelli Multimedia TrustGGT
First Trust Senior Floating Rateome Fund IiFCT
The Central And Eastern Europe FundCEE
Black Rock Muni Holdings New Jersey Quality FundMUJ
Eaton Vance Floating Rateome TrustEFT
Eaton Vance National Municipal Opportunities TrustEOT
Eaton Vance Seniorome TrustEVF
Eaton Vance New York Municipalome TrustEVY
Eaton Vance California Municipalome TrustCEV
Eaton Vance New York Municipal Bond FundENX
Cornerstone Total Return FundCRF
Black Rock Muni Assets FundMUA
Ares Dynamic Credit Allocation FundARDC
Solar Capital Ltd.SLRC
Pimco Global Stocks Plus &Ome FundPGP
Nuveen Tax Advantaged Dividend Growth FundJTD
Duff & Phelps Utility And Corporate Bond TrustDUC
Cohen & Steers Infrastructure FundUTF
Alliance Bernstein National Municipalome FundAFB
Nuveen Real Estateome FundJRS
Nuveen New York Quality Municipalome FundNAN
Nuveen Amt Free Municipal Creditome FundNVG
Black Rock Multi Sectorome TrustBIT
Pimco Municipalome Fund IiPML
Double Line Opportunistic Credit FundDBL
Miller/Howard Highome Equity FundHIE
Nuveen Preferred Andome Term FundJPI
Nuveen Municipal 2021 Target Term FundNHA
Nuveen Intermediate Duration Municipal Term FundNID
Nuveen Highome 2020 Target Term FundJHY
Eaton Vance Highome 2021 Target Term TrustEHT
Western Asset Variable Rate Strategic FundGFY
Pimc Oome Opportunity FundPKO
Pimco California Municipalome Fund IiiPZC