Transaction DateRecipientSharesTypePriceValue
24th November 2020Erik C Blachford6,440Open or private sale$111.85$720,318.51
24th November 2020Erik C Blachford6,120Open or private sale$115.59$707,391.22
24th November 2020Erik C Blachford11,701Open or private sale$112.00$1,310,534.23
24th November 2020Erik C Blachford4,904Open or private sale$112.97$553,988.21
24th November 2020Erik C Blachford100Open or private sale$116.33$11,633.00
24th November 2020Erik C Blachford11,654Open or private sale$113.65$1,324,533.04
24th November 2020Erik C Blachford20,329Open or private sale$111.16$2,259,789.94
24th November 2020Erik C Blachford17,600Open or private sale$113.03$1,989,340.32
24th November 2020Erik C Blachford1,000Open or private sale$114.59$114,593.90
24th November 2020Erik C Blachford9,146Open or private sale$114.78$1,049,754.10
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Based on disclosure changes, sentiment, insider trading and news impact we give a rating of 7/10.

Ticker: Z AND ZG
Sector: Unknown
Industry: Unknown
SEC Central Index Key (CIK): 1617640
Exchange: None
Auditor Opinion:

Disclosure Language changes
Red Flags
Cash at Carrying Value: $2 B (79%)
Assets, Current: $4 B (11%)
Property, Plant and Equipment, Net: $196 M (0%)
Other Assets, Noncurrent: $11 M (-40%)
Assets: $6 B (5%)
Accounts Payable, Current: $14 M (71%)
Accrued Liabilities, Current: $75 M (-12%)
Liabilities, Current: $387 M (-57%)
Long-term Debt, Excluding Current Maturities: $2 B (17%)
Liabilities: $2 B (-10%)
Additional Paid in Capital, Common Stock: $5 B (18%)
Retained Earnings (Accumulated Deficit): $1 B (25%)
Accumulated Other Comprehensive Income (Loss), Net of Tax: $2 M (348%)
Stockholders' Equity (Parent): $4 B (0%)
Liabilities and Equity: $6 B (5%)
Revenue: $768 M (-59%)
Research and Development: $129 M (-51%)
Sales and Marketing: $156 M (-56%)
General and Administrative Expenses: $86 M (-51%)
Operating Income/Loss: $63 M (-69%)
Provision for income taxes: $679 Th (-3%)