Transaction DateRecipientSharesTypePriceValue
12th January 2021Roelof Botha772Grant/award etc.$0.00
7th January 2021Dev Ittycheria5,819Open or private sale$346.21$2,014,595.99
7th January 2021Dev Ittycheria2,800Open or private sale$343.26$961,128.00
7th January 2021Dev Ittycheria2,400Open or private sale$342.18$821,232.00
7th January 2021Dev Ittycheria4,400Open or private sale$344.21$1,514,524.00
7th January 2021Dev Ittycheria7,085Open or private sale$345.41$2,447,229.85
7th January 2021Dev Ittycheria631Open or private sale$338.35$213,498.85
7th January 2021Dev Ittycheria2,336Open or private sale$348.21$813,418.56
7th January 2021Dev Ittycheria3,700Open or private sale$347.27$1,284,899.00
7th January 2021Dev Ittycheria400Open or private sale$339.42$135,768.00
Mongo Db
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Based on disclosure changes, sentiment, insider trading and news impact we give a rating of 7/10.

MongoDB was founded in 2007 and is headquartered in New York, NY. Its products include MongoDB Enterprise Advanced, MongoDB Atlas, and Community Server. It also offers professional services including consulting and training.

Ticker: MDB
Sector: Technology Services
Industry: Packaged Software
SEC Central Index Key (CIK): 1441816
Employees: 1813
Exchange: NASDAQ
Auditor Opinion:

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Red Flags
Cash at Carrying Value: $469 M (0%)
Assets, Current: $1 B (0%)
Property, Plant and Equipment, Net: $62 M (6%)
Other Assets, Noncurrent: $61 M (10%)
Assets: $1 B (2%)
Accounts Payable, Current: $4 M (27%)
Accrued Liabilities, Current: $25 M (-8%)
Liabilities, Current: $253 M (4%)
Other Liabilities, Noncurrent: $61 M (0%)
Liabilities: $1 B (4%)
Retained Earnings (Accumulated Deficit): $787 M (17%)
Accumulated Other Comprehensive Income (Loss), Net of Tax: $69 Th (-69%)
Treasury Stock, Value: $13 Th (0%)
Treasury Stock, Shares: $994 Th (0%)
Stockholders' Equity (Parent): $48 M (0%)
Liabilities and Equity: $1 B (2%)
Revenue: $138 M (0%)
Cost of Revenue: $42 M (-47%)
Gross Margin: $96 M (-49%)
Research and Development: $49 M (-48%)
Sales and Marketing: $75 M (-47%)
General and Administrative Expenses: $21 M (-48%)
Operating Income/Loss: $50 M (-45%)
Provision for income taxes: $982 Th (-1%)