Transaction DateRecipientSharesTypePriceValue
13th August 2020Eric Andersen609Open or private purchase$3.50$2,131.50
13th August 2020Noah G. Levy354Open or private purchase$3.50$1,239.00
13th August 2020Noah G. Levy254Open or private purchase$3.50$889.00
12th August 2020Noah G. Levy1,166Open or private purchase$3.49$4,072.84
12th August 2020Noah G. Levy834Open or private purchase$3.49$2,913.16
12th August 2020Eric Andersen2,000Open or private purchase$3.49$6,986.00
11th August 2020Eric Andersen14,030Open or private purchase$3.45$48,437.17
11th August 2020Noah G. Levy5,856Open or private purchase$3.45$20,217.84
11th August 2020Noah G. Levy8,186Open or private purchase$3.45$28,262.17
22nd July 2020Eric Andersen62,775Open or private purchase$3.20$201,005.55
Merrimack Pharmaceuticals
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Merrimack Pharmaceuticals is a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company. Its pipeline includes MM-131, MM-141, and MM-310. The company was founded by Anthony J. Sinskey, Gavin MacBeath, and Ulrik B. Nielsen in 1993.

Ticker: MACK
Sector: Health Technology
Industry: Biotechnology
SEC Central Index Key (CIK): 1274792
Exchange: NASDAQ
Auditor Opinion:

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Red Flags
Cash at Carrying Value: $16 M (0%)
Assets, Current: $19 M (3%)
Other Assets, Noncurrent: $315 Th (-77%)
Assets: $20 M (-1%)
Accounts Payable, Current: $208 Th (-23%)
Accrued Liabilities, Current: $216 Th (-41%)
Liabilities, Current: $2 M (-15%)
Liabilities: $2 M (-15%)
Common Stock, Value, Issued: $1 M (0%)
Common Stock, Shares, Issued: $13 Th (0%)
Additional Paid in Capital, Common Stock: $558 M (0%)
Retained Earnings (Accumulated Deficit): $542 M (0%)
Stockholders' Equity (Parent): $17 M (0%)
Liabilities and Equity: $20 M (-1%)
Research and Development: $5 M (-57%)
General and Administrative Expenses: $1 M (-62%)
Operating Income/Loss: $1 M (20%)
Other Income, net: $21 Th (-68%)